You don’t need a bondsman until you do

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

No one cares about bail until you have to bail someone out.  So I can’t just write about bail.  I need to write about topics that are interesting and bring my opinions to you the reader.  So what do you want to hear about?  Leave a note. 

The current challenge is “getting the phones to ring”.  Zach and I have done everything to get us to the point where we can write bail.  We’ve studied for the insurance exam.  And let me tell you, that is a mind numbing exercise.  Hours and hours of literally useless information that doesn’t pertain to the bail industry jammed into my dome all for a license.  Quite a racket.  Guess how many questions were on the exam about bail?  It was a 50 question exam.  How about half… or 10.  No, what about five or two.  Even one?  No, not even one.  It’s useless to a bondsman and yet it is required.  So we passed that.

Then we had to come up with some money and find a reputable surety agency to back us.  What we found was the perfect fit.  Accredited out of Florida was actually looking for Veterans.  They helped back us and trained us.  You can’t beat that.  

Next was setting up all the required small business paperwork.  Fairly simple but took some research.  We wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote a business plan and I still think it’s a fairly useless document.  Its main purpose is to show me in six to twelve months how much I didn’t know and how in-valid my initial assumptions were going to be.  I’ll update it later as we move along in the process.

The fun part is actually getting approved by each county to post bonds.  Another relatively simple process.  How it works: we submit several pages of forms and they in turn approve us to write bail.  The beauty of it is (please note, sarcasm) each county has different rules and deadlines to meet.  It takes about half a dozen phone calls to each county to get the correct point of contact who deals with bail.  But after that, lo-and-behold you can get approved.  So far we’re approved in one county and should be “on” in about seven by the end of the year.  That’ll be great.  We can actually write bail all across the State and even the Nation, even without being approved in each county.  But that’s for a different post.  So no matter where you are, give us a call if you run into trouble.

After months of preparation and set up we started with a collective thud.  Now what?  We can stare at the phone all day but making it ring is the challenge.  

 *Ring, ring… pardon me, I’ve got to go.  The phone just rang.

What do you do now?


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