People don’t like it when others take their stuff

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

No one likes crime.  That seems like a no brainer doesn’t it?  Since the beginning of time people have been taking “things” from their neighbor or hurting them in some fashion.  That’s just not right.  This type of behavior will most likely continue until the end of time.   If it doesn’t that would be great and we can change the name of our country to The Utopia States of America.   

Until such time that the “U” in USA changes we must be able to protect ourselves and our families.  Lots of options out there to do that.  The best thing you can do is, be aware.  That sounds obvious but keep that in mind when you post things on facebook like “Vacation in 2 days!” or not stopping your mail or newspaper delivery when you do go on vacation are indicators to bad guys.  

Charge your cell phone in your bedroom at night and keep a flashlight on your night stand.  If you are so inclined you can even exercise your Second Amendment right for a little extra security.  I didn’t coin this phrase but it’s worth remembering, “When seconds matter, police are minutes away”.  God love ‘em, they can’t be everywhere at every moment.

Just a few tips from Detroit’s Trusted Bail Bondsmen because no one wakes up in the morning hoping to be a victim

Protect you and yours

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