Bail Bonds, we can help you understand

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

No one understands bail bonds and that’s okay.  Most people won’t ever have to call a bail bondman to bail anyone out.  Lucky for them. 

But sometimes bad things happen.  Maybe someone calls the cops on you for something they thought was illegal.  Maybe you get pulled over for a DUI.  Or maybe you break a law and commit a misdemeanor and have to go to court.  It happens to thousands of people everyday.  In bail is used in Detroit Michigan over 100,000 times a year.  No, they aren’t all from Detroit they could have been just passing through the city and broke the law. 

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How to select a bail bondsman

January 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

Bail bonds aren’t for everyone.  When you have to get one that means something bad has happened.  Someone you know is in jail for something they did that may have broken a law.

The problem is you don’t always kow who to call.  Your friends and family might not know a bondsman.  Or they may know one but you may not know that they know one.  People don’t often shout from the mountain tops that they know bail bondsmen.  And that’s okay.

All American Bail Bond Agency now in Flint Michigan

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