Bail Bonds in Michigan

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

The bail bond business is a very misunderstood business.  Most people have no idea how the process works until they get a phone call from the police or jail.  Going to jail is one of those realities in life that we hope we’ll never have to deal with.  But statistics show that you or someone in your close group of family and friends will go to jail.  And the chance that they will need to give you a call is possible over your lifetime.  

It happens


Here are the bail bonds that we can help with, Cash/Surety bonds and 10% bonds.  They are two different types. 


For a Cash/Surety bond you’ll need 10% of the face value of the bond.  If the bond is $5000 the non refundable fee is $500. 


For a “10% bond” the cost is much less.  By law, bondsmen in Michigan can write a 10% bond for one-quarter of the liability, meaning a $5000, 10% bond only costs you $125.  How’s that for a deal!


Try not to get confused by the terminology where the term 10% is used.  The State really needs to rename the 10% bond to something else. 


If you have further questions feel free to give All American Bail Bond Agency a call at 313-980-2245.

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