How do you get started as a bail bondsmen?

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All American Bail Bonds

What does “right” look like?  I don’t know.  I can’t find it in a book.  There isn’t a manual to do this job.  Look it up on the internet…Bail bondsman.  Not much out there. 

You can't learn this job by a book.

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You don’t need a bondsman until you do

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No one cares about bail until you have to bail someone out.  So I can’t just write about bail.  I need to write about topics that are interesting and bring my opinions to you the reader.  So what do you want to hear about?  Leave a note. 

A huge savings for the tax payer

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From Articlebase: A trend has been occurring over the past 20+ years. This trend has been occurring in every state throughout America. What is this trend? It is called various names but most commonly it is called “”Pretrial Release””. Our nation’s “Justice System” has contained “bail” as an integral part since inception. Reasonable bail is addressed even in our Constitution.

Bail Bond services save YOU, the taxpayer, money!

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Welcome to the bail blog

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“No, we’re not trying to be Dog the Bounty Hunter”.

That is the first response I give when I tell someone that Zach and I are starting a bail bond business.  Upon further review, that’s a very appropriate response when you hear ”bail bonds”.  Most people, for good reason, have absolutely no idea what a bail bond is or what a bondsman does. « Read the rest of this entry »